discount dental plans

Discount Dental Plans: What you need to know

Dental insurance is one of those items that you don’t often consider until it’s presented as an option or there’s a dental emergency.  Our dental health is something we often take for granted, but proper maintenance of our oral health will keep us out of the doctor’s office and keep more money in our pockets.  But what happens when dental insurance is an oversight and we need immediate help with our dental health?  Most dental plans have waiting periods of three to six months, but in an emergency situation, time is of the essence.  That’s where discount dental plans come in handy.

No Waiting Period

With discount dental plans, there’s no waiting period.  You get immediate savings on all dental services and have the opportunity to undergo procedures for emergency situations when fast action is imperative.

Not an Insurance Plan

Discount dental plans are not insurance plans.  They simply provide you with discounted prices on dental services that you pay for at the time of service.

Provider Specific

You have to go to participating providers in order to receive discounted prices.  If your dentist refers you elsewhere, you may not receive the discount if the provider isn’t on the list.

Discount Dental Plans through My Generation Benefits

Discount dental plans are ideal when you have a dental emergency and don’t have dental coverage.  This allows you to get treated at up to 50% savings with our Careington plan starting at $6.95 per month.  If you only need basic services and your care can wait, your best bet is usually a traditional insurance plan.  You will likely save more money with an insurance plan:  this could look like 80-100% savings for as little as $10.99 per month with a plan through My Generation Benefits.

The answer?  Feel out your situation.  If your dental work can wait, enroll in a traditional plan, but if you have an urgent need, check out our discount dental plans.  As always, contact us with questions and we’ll get you set up with the best plan to fit your individual needs!