full coverage dental insurance

3 Common Questions About Dental Insurance

When you’re searching for an insurance plan that fits with your needs, many questions surface.  The seemingly constant state of flux of our healthcare system increases confusion and frustration for many individuals and families; this doesn’t have to be your story.  Full coverage dental insurance is an important tool to have in your health insurance belt, but even this form of healthcare coverage puzzles many.  Read on for answers to three common questions about dental insurance.

Why do I need dental insurance?

You may think that you have excellent dental health, and you may be right!  However, regular maintenance of most things in life is your best bet to ensuring the continued functionality.  Your teeth are no exception:  regular cleanings and routine checkups are ideal for catching dental issues before they become a problem.  This short-term investment in your health will undoubtedly result in long-term health and savings.

How do I know what kind of insurance I need?

This will vary greatly depending upon your dental health history and your budget.  Take some time to figure out your specific needs before making this decision, and for assistance, contact the professionals at Capital Benefits Group about My Generation Benefits.  We’d love to give you a hand selecting the dental plan best suited for you.

When can I make my first appointment?

Waiting periods are common bedfellows of full coverage dental insurance plans.  This is a protective measure enacted by the carrier so that consumers don’t use the plan for an expensive procedure and then quickly turn around and dump the plan.  While this can be frustrating, it’s a good idea to have this in mind.  If you need immediate care, discount plans can be accessed immediately without the waiting period.

This is the short list of questions; we realize that you likely have more information you need before making a decision about your dental insurance.  Contact Capital Benefits Group about My Generation Benefits today for more information and to dig deeper into enacting a plan to ensure the preservation of your dental health.