Dental Emergency Care 101

Accidents can happen anytime or anyplace.  But when an accident involves a tooth, fast action and knowing what to do can not only save the tooth, it can save you money. The most common dental emergencies involve chipped, cracked, or broken teeth or teeth that have been loosened or knocked out completely. Calling your dentist […]

Prevent Periodontal Disease with a Dental Discount Plan

Periodontal (gum) disease is a preventable condition, yet it affects almost half of the American population, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, and it’s the most common reason for tooth loss in adults. While these are disturbing statistics, your teeth and gums can remain healthy for a lifetime when you know the […]

Costly Consequences from Dry Mouth

When you have a lack of saliva in your mouth — you know it. Not only does your mouth feel as arid and dry as a desert, but speaking, eating, and swallowing becomes difficult and sometimes painful. Most cases are temporary in nature, but many people suffer from constant dry mouth, which is not only […]

What is a Root Canal, and How to Handle the Cost?

Not long ago, a badly diseased or broken tooth would have been pulled. But today, teeth that are injured or have become infected can be saved with endodontic treatment — better known as a root canal. While it is always more cost effective to save a tooth rather than having it pulled, you may find […]

Making Quality, Affordable Orthodontics a Reality

Orthodontic treatment is an important investment in your dental health, your appearance, and your overall confidence. But while the rewards are great, the costs can be high; so if you are serious about putting your money where your mouth is — pun intended — you’ll want to find an affordable but yet well-qualified orthodontist.  And […]

Finding Dental Insurance That Covers Implants

Strong, healthy teeth not only create beautiful smiles, they are necessary for eating, speaking and giving your face its shape. This is why it is important not only to replace missing teeth but also to find replacements that look, feel and function like your own natural teeth.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance: Myth or Reality?

Whether covered by a dental plan through an employer or an individually purchased policy, many people are under the impression that their dental insurance will cover 100% of their dental expenses. While dental coverage can help take the “bite” out of the high cost of dentistry, the reality is, no dental plan covers all charges […]

The Secret to Affordable Braces without Dental Insurance

Nothing boosts a person’s confidence more than knowing that his or her smile is showing off beautiful, straight teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a picture-perfect smile and orthodontic treatment is often needed to correct crooked teeth, spacing problems or poor dental alignment. While in the past those without dental insurance typically paid for […]

Dental Insurance: Will It Cover Teeth Whitening Procedures?

It’s only natural to want a beautiful smile, but many of us wish our teeth were a bit whiter—not only for vanity’s sake, but because people naturally are attracted to nicer smiles with straighter, whiter teeth. According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, 99.7% of those surveyed indicated that an attractive smile leads […]

Lack of Federal Subsidies for Pediatric Dental Could Impact Low-Income Families

Pediatric dental care is an essential benefit that most health policies must offer under the federal Affordable Care Act.  Health care plans on state exchanges are not required to include dental coverage, as long as at least one provider offers stand-alone dental coverage*.  If consumers want pediatric dental coverage, they may have to pay for […]