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The Case for Regular Flossing

Your dentist has likely told you for years (your entire life even) that you should be flossing your teeth daily. Food particles and plaque between your teeth can’t be removed with regular brushing, and so getting floss in there is the only way to properly clean the area out. For some reason, you and 36% of Americans would rather be cleaning a toilet than keeping your mouth healthy via flossing. People rely heavily on their dentists and amenities like individual dental insurance to keep their mouths healthy, when simply following the advice of dentists would offer even greater health benefits.

Is flossing outdated?

What about claims that flossing may not be doing much for your oral health? After all, the USDA and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have removed flossing from their oral health guidelines.

The problem is, flossing doesn’t only help prevent cavities (flossing’s typical claim to fame) but it treats the more nefarious health issue of gum disease. Your dentist more than likely still recommends flossing due to this point.

Gum disease: Be in the know

Gum disease is an incredibly common affliction affecting about half of all Americans, and flossing can contribute greatly toward preventing it. When gum disease crops up, it affects not only your oral health, but becomes a systemic issue wreaking havoc in places like your heart, joints, pancreas, and reproductive system.

These are serious allegations, but they ring true and the simple act of daily flossing could be the key to unlocking greater overall lifelong health in your body. So the next time your dental hygienist implores you to floss your teeth, acquiesce and do yourself a favor.

Individual dental insurance for everyone

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