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Need basic services but the major stuff can wait? Shop our individual and family plans in your area. Plans start for as little as $10.00 per month in some areas. 

It will be tought to find an insurance plan that covers major services immedately. To save 20% – 60% on Major dental services  immediately, shop our Dental Discount Plans. Plans start at $6.95 per month.

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Sample Savings Chart
PPO and Indemnity Plan Differences
Plan Name IHC Bay IHC Ridge (3) IHC Apex
Plan Type PPO (1) Indemnity (4) PPO (1)
Preventive Care
100% 80% 100%
Waiting periods Immediate Immediate Immediate
Diagnostic Care
100% 60% 80%
Waiting periods Immediate Immediate 6-Months
Basic Care
50% 40% 80%
Waiting periods 6-Months 3-Months 6-Months
Major Care
Not Covered (2) 20% 50%
Waiting periods NA 15-Months 12-Months
Annual Maximums $1,000 $500/$750/$1,000** $1,000
Deductible $50 $100 Lifetime $100
Office Copay NA NA NA
One Time Enrollment Fee NA NA NA
Association Membership Yes Yes Yes

** IHC Ridge plan benefits increase each year for three years. After the third year, the plan levels off at a $1,000 calendar-year maximum. Underwritten by Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc.. Read more>

Benefits vary between carriers. Refer to the plan details or request the certificate for further information.